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Activities (Christmas Tree Decoration Game)

【Christmas Tree Decoration Game】

Levels: Any level
   1. 2 Christmas trees (drawn on the white board) 
   2. Student picture cards (2 sets)
     Christmas vocabulary or other things that can be put on a tree
Object: To try to find the card and put it on the tree
Language: There is a ~.  (Don’t forget to use the gesture!)

How to play:
1. Make 2 teams and each team lines up in front of the trees.
2. Spread 2 sets of cards face up on the table.
3. The first players stand with their backs to the white board and the cards on the table.
4. The teacher shows a card to the other players.
  The other players say the word.  Ex: Star!
5. The first players say the sentence three times.
  Ss: There’s a star. (x 3)
6. Then they look for the card on the table, pick it up and put it on their trees.
7. Everyone looks to see which one can do it faster.
  The player who is puts the card on the tree faster can get a point.
8. The first players go back to the end of the line. And next two players come to the front.
  Continue the game until they decorate both trees.