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November 23 (Sun) OSAKA Study Group Meeting Information ■Completed■

There were so many disasters this summer. Our sympathy are always with those who were affected.

At the same time, it is harvest time. We hope you are able to enjoy what nature gives us, too.

The topics for our next Osaka Study Group Meeting are “There is a ~. There are ~s.” “How many ~are there?” We frequently hear that many teachers find this sentence pattern difficult to teach. With the MAT METHOD, we use Actions to have the students understand with fun. Please come and see how it works.

We will also introduce many Fun Christmas Activities.

Please join us.

Date: November 23rd (Sun.) 13:00 – 16:00 (Door opens at 12:45)
Place: Bentencho ORC200 Shougaigakushu Center
 (5 minute walk from JR/ Subway Bentencho Station)
Fee: 3,000yen
Topics:  1. There is a star. There are candy canes.
      2. How many bells are there?
      3. Fun Christmas Activities

Seats are limited so please make reservations to confirm your seat.

Please fill out the application form.

Anyone interested in teaching children are welcome to attend the meetings, including
those who are planning to become an English teacher.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

IIEEC Teacher Training Center