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November 30(Sun) Fukuoka Study Group Meeting Information ■Completed■

FUKUOKA Study Group Meeting Information
Did you have a good time at your Halloween event? We hope you had a good time with your students.

This year is almost over, isn’t it!You may be thinking about things to do for Christmas after Halloween is over.

The IIEEC Fukuoka Study Group Meeting is going to hold the last workshop for this year in November.

The topics for our next Fukuoka Study Group Meeting are: how to teach Personal Pronouns and the 3rd Person with “This is my bag. Is this your bag? / She likes cats. Does she like cats?”
Introducing pronouns can be a little difficult. Teachers say their students can’t remember them easily.

At the workshop, you will learn how to introduce these topics using the MAT METHOD.
We will also show how fun teaching and learning these grammar points can be with learning activities. We will also do a brief review with Role Play.
In addition you will get lots of fun ideas for your Christmas party!

Date: November 30th (sun)
Time: 13:30-16:30 (Doors open 13:15)
Place: Shin Hikari Bldg. 2F (near Daiei Shoppers/ Fukuoka Tenjin 4 chome)
Fee: 3000 yen
Deadline: November 9th (sun)
(Reservations will close when there are 20 registered, and also we’re afraid
we will cancel if there are less than 10 people.)

Please register in advance on the IIEEC HP (click Fukuoka site)

We’re looking forward to seeing you!

Please find more information in the FUKUOKA Event Schedule.

The Fukuoka Study Group is for everyone interested in teaching children. It is a meeting for teachers to experience how to teach and how students learn as well. New members are welcomed, and since we review the MAT METHOD
techniques, we hope you will learn how with the others.
Whether you teach only a few students or a large group in school, you will be able to teach words and sentences easily. You will be amazed at how your students will speak out! We hope you will make great discoveries as many
teachers do at this meeting.

We look forward to seeing you at the Fukuoka Study Group Meeting!

IIEEC Teacher Training Center