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Osaka Study Group Meeting Report June 17

We had another fruitful and exciting time with many enthusiastic teachers at our Study Group Meeting on June 17th.

The topic for this meeting was how to teach verbs that take both direct and indirect object such as “give me a pen” and “buy her a notebook”. We introduced how this can be taught step by step with the MAT METHOD.

give me a red marker.JPGGive me a markerよこ.JPGWith younger learners, this sentence pattern might seem to be too complicated. In order to reduce the stress, we recommended introducing the concept of the target grammar by simplifying it into a classroom English, “Give me a red marker, please.” We also did a short activity to practice the target language. Students have to ask their teammates to pass them the marker that they want to use to color the Olympic Rings. Do you remember the correct design of the Olympic Rings? We had fun!! 

PK Activity 1.JPGWith Practice Key 1, we showed how to teach the sentence “I’m going to give her a book.” It is always important to start teaching from what the students already know and teach one new thing at a time. In this case, first we deal with the direct object only, and then add the indirect object to it. We introduced a simple Learning Activity, too.

PK2.JPGWith practice key 2, the sentence pattern was “What are you going to buy your mother? – I’m going to buy her cookies.” We had fun doing an activity called “Buy a Souvenir Game” as well. According to what the dice show, the teams had to try to get the souvenirs before they were sold out. At the end we were all so excited that the shopkeeper was very busy and was happy to get a lot of money!! We hope you have fun with your students, too.

finger soccer game.JPGAfter a short break, we had more fun singing “Swimming, Swimming” together. As the music goes on, the less we sing but hum to the tune. Thus, at the very end, we are singing only the last word.
We also had fun with Finger Soccer Game and the story “Way Down Deep in the Deep Blue Sea”. As usual we had an easy craft corner and made a torch and raced to London.

We hope you are enjoying your lessons using the tips and the activities we introduced. Thank you very much for those who came to our meeting. We are looking forward to seeing you in September.

Listen to the story.JPG